Used Car FAQs

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Here at our Hyundai dealership near Norwich, we understand that buying a used car can often feel overwhelming, particularly if you don't often trade in and trade up to a new-to-you Hyundai. To address the common questions and concerns of our customers, we've created this helpful guide that we hope will provide some better understanding of how to shop for a used car and why your local Hyundai dealership is your best resource for all your automotive needs. If you have any additional questions after reviewing the following FAQs, feel free to stop by our showroom and speak with one of our auto sales specialists.

Used Vehicle FAQs


Should I Buy a Used Car from a Dealership?

Yes. Unlike private sellers or online car-selling websites, trustworthy car dealerships like ours provide expertise and professionalism you won't find anywhere else. Our team will also help you understand your financing options and price considerations, as well as explain in clear terms the different Hyundai specs that ultimately distinguish a used Palisade or CPO Sonata from the competition. If you want personalized sales support from local automotive experts, turn to Central Hyundai in Plainfield.


What Questions Do I Ask When Buying a Used Car?

The most important questions you can ask about a used car concern its service history, maintenance records, current condition and more. We suggest you keep in mind the following questions the next time you take a used Hyundai Elantra or Santa Fe test-drive:

  • Does the car have a clean Vehicle History Report?
  • Are there maintenance records or receipts to verify any prior servicing?
  • What safety features and other technologies is the car equipped with?
  • Is the vehicle still covered by the factory warranty? If not, is it eligible for an extended warranty?

How Many Miles is Good for a Used Car?

Lower mileage is usually ideal. The typical American car owner drives about 12,000 miles a year, so use that figure as a baseline when determining whether a used Hyundai near Norwich has excessive mileage. That said, don't write off cars that might not fit the definition of low mileage. Provided these vehicles were well maintained, high-mileage vehicles can often offer years of trouble-free service at a highly competitive price point; it's why they are so popular among shoppers looking for used cars for sale under $15,000 or $20,000. No matter what you purchase, pay closest attention to a vehicle's overall condition, not its mileage. The general wear and tear a car may exhibit is often more telling of a vehicle's likely reliability than the odometer alone.


Which is the Best Used Buick or Hyundai to Buy?

It depends on your needs. Many Connecticut Hyundai fans want to buy a used Elantra, Kona or Santa Fe for their fuel economy and affordability. Some buyers want a CPO Palisade for its size and opulence. Models like the Sonata are also perennially popular with shoppers of all stripes. If you're ready to find the perfect used car in Plainfield, just contact Central Hyundai today.

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